No, we do not supply the military because our products do not meet military standards and are intended only for civil purposes.

Warranty transferability may be subject to national legislation.

Yes, we distribute from a number of producers and purchase first so we can purchase in large quantities to keep in our warehouse for hunters.

We guarantee that our products a Original directly from the main producer.

Should you have any concerns, please send the serial number of your device to 

You can find a 7-9 digit serial number on the housing and/or in the menu option “Device information” of your device.

You don’t need to register. When buying from an official Pulsar distributor or their dealer, you will receive a warranty card along with it.

The warranty starts from the date of the first purchase. Also please keep your payment receipt.

Please contact the support team at to make arrangements on repair.

Maximum repair time is 30 days (shipping not included) but we do our best to reduce this period.

Repair time depends on the complexity of the repair and how busy the service center is.

No, it’s not possible for a number of technical reasons and limitations. 

Thermal imagers are absolutely safe because the unit itself does not emit anything but only receives and analyses the incoming signal (infrared emission from objects).

No, there are no thermal imagers able to look through glass because glass does not let infrared radiation within 8–14 ɥm pass.

The zoom zeroing function helps increase the zeroing accuracy of riflescopes. Zoom zeroing allows the shooter to zero the riflescope on zoom. Increasing magnification of the riflescope by 2x (e.g. 1.6×2=3.2) makes the click value two times smaller (click value for every riflescope can be found in the respective reticle catalog or technical specifications of the unit in the user manual). Respectively increasing the magnification of the unit by 4 makes the click value 4 times smaller.

This can be solved by updating firmware for selected products. Please check if there is a new firmware for your device here.

For devices not on the list, to play the sound, please download video to your iPhone and use an alternative media player such as VLC.