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  • Sale! Pulsar FN 42 mm Cover Ring Adapter for Forward F135/155

    Pulsar FN 42 mm Cover Ring Adapter for Forward F135/155


    The Pulsar FN 42mm Cover Ring Adapter attaches the new Pulsar Forward Digital Night Vision Attachment to your daytime riflescope allowing the ability to continue hunting, even after the sun has set. Featuring a quick-detach lever, hunters can efficiently attach and detach their Forward attachment. Included in Package Cover ring adapter Adapter inserts Features Quick…

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    Pulsar Helion Flip-Up Phone Mount


    Helion Flip-Up Phone Mount allows you to connect your smart device and monocular when scouting. Use your phone with the Stream Vision app with Wi-Fi to stream hunts, observations and search and rescue missions. Easily place your mount onto a tripod to catch various angles with the tilt and pan adjustment feature. Included in Package…

  • Sale! Pulsar Tree Mount

    Pulsar Tree Mount


    The Pulsar Tree Mount is intended for the fixing of Pulsar devices equipped with a 1/4″ tripod mount on such vertical elements as a tree trunk or branch, pillar, column etc. Mounting is effected with the aid of adjustable straps or with screws that are screwed into wooden parts of a structure through the holes…