CZ-USA 600 Alpha Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle

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CZ-600 USA’s Series-in stock

CZ-600 USA’s Series is the company’s next generation of bolt-action rifles. These rifles are built to CZ’s stringent standards and give remarkable accuracy at an affordable price. There are four distinct models in the series, with a variety of stock materials, barrel profiles, action lengths, and cartridge combinations to choose from. User-friendly features include an adjustable trigger, a 60-degree bolt throw, and the ability to change calibers without a gunsmith using an aftermarket conversion kit.

The difference between a good rifle and an amazing rifle is accuracy, and tack-driving precision begins with a great barrel. Cold-hammer forged barrels on the CZ-600 USA’s Series  rifle provide smoother, more uniform bores than other manufacturing methods. Smaller groups on target downrange as a result of this. As a result, certain 600 Series rifles have accuracy of 1 MOA or greater at 100 meters. Even better, CZ engineers adjusted the design of the 600 Range variant so that it routinely achieves 0.75-MOA accuracy with factory match-grade ammo. To let the end user to add extra attachments, all barrels are threaded and suppressor-ready.

Superior triggers, which increase shot-to-shot consistency, are another typical feature of outstanding rifles. The majority of CZ 600s have a single-stage trigger that may be adjusted by the operator; the trail has a two-stage trigger. Users can modify the weight of the trigger pull without removing the chassis from the stock thanks to the innovative trigger adjustment. The tailored weight modifications are made using a four-position dial with trigger weights ranging from 1.3 to 3 lbs. and a half-pound per click movement.

The 600 series was designed with dependability in mind. For round-cycling uniformity in all conditions, CZ chose the regulated round feed concept. This movement is complemented by a silent, two-position safety that allows for a locked or cycled bolt with the safety on. This form of protection avoids unintended opening in the field. You can still operate the bolt while the safety is engaged by depressing the bolt release.

The 60-degree bolt throw will appeal to shooters, as it provides more clearance between the bolt and the optic, allowing for larger scopes. Furthermore, it cycles much faster than typical designs. The bolt knob on all models is larger for better control with gloved hands.

The 600 series rifles include four models: Alpha, Lux, Range and Trail. The 600 Alpha is the versatile hunter’s rifle. Its aluminum receiver and black soft-touch synthetic stock reduce overall weight for field use. It comes chambered in a variety of cartridges from 223 Rem to 300 Win Mag.

CZ 600 Series Rifles Features

  • Steel (ST) and Alloy (AL) Actions
  • Three action size options
  • Three barrel profile options: light, semi-heavy and heavy
  • Accuracy guarantees for all models: 3/4 MOA (Range), 1 MOA (Alpha, Lux) and 2 MOA (Trail)
  • Controlled round feed with short extractor
  • Caliber conversions kit (sold separately)
  • Vertical two-position safety. Safety on (Depress the bolt release and you can cycle the bolt)
  • Adjustable trigger – no disassembly needed, 4 weights
  • 60 Degree Bolt throw
  • Picatinny Rail or Remington 700 scope bases
  • Detachable magazine with optional lock
  • Ability to top off magazine through the ejection port or detachable mag
  • Cocking IndicatorCZ USA Provides Something for Everyone With its 600 Series Rifle Line – Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews
  • CZ 600 Alpha Specifications

    • Chambering: 223 Rem, 224 Valkyrie, 7.62×39, 308 Win, 6CM, 6.5 CM, 6.5 PRC, 30-06, 300 Win Mag
    • Rate of Twist: 1:7, 1:6.5, 1:9.5, 1:10, 1:7, 1:7, 1:7, 1:10, 1:10
    • Magazine Type: Detachable
    • Magazine Capacity: 5-round, 3-round (300 Win Mag, 6.5 PRC)
    • Stock: Black Polymer, American-Style
    • Length of Pull: 14-inches
    • Sights: No Sights, Integrated Picatinny-scope bases
    • Barrel: Semi-Heavy Cold Hammer Forged, Suppressor-Ready
    • Barrel Length: 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″
    • Trigger: Adjustable, no disassembly needed, 4 weights
    • Overall Length: 37.12″, 40.15″, 42.16″,43.05″
    • Safety: 2-Position
    • MSRP: $749; CZ 600 AlphaCZ 600 ALPHA
    • CZ 600 Lux Specifications

      • Chambering: 223 REM, 308 WIN, 30-06, 300 WIN MAG
      • Rate of Twist: 1:9, 1:10, 1:10, 1:10
      • Magazine Type: Detachable
      • Magazine Capacity: 5-round, 3-round (300 Win Mag, 6.5 PRC)
      • Stock: Turkish Walnut, Bavarian-Style
      • Length of Pull: 14-inches
      • Sights: Fixed, Remington 700 scope bases
      • Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged, Suppressor-Ready
      • Barrel Length: 20-inches, 24-inches (300 WIN MAG)
      • Trigger Mech: 4-Point Adjustable
      • Overall Length: 39.26″, 40.94″, 41.45″, 45.46″
      • Safety: 2-Position
      • MSRP: $849; CZ 600 Lux
      • CZ USA Provides Something for Everyone With its 600 Series Rifle Line – Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews
      • CZ 600 Range Specifications

        • Chambering: 308 Win, 6 CM
        • Rate of Twist: 1:9, 1:9.5, 1:10, 1:10
        • Magazine Type: Detachable
        • Magazine Capacity: 5-round
        • Stock: Laminate, Target Style
        • Length of Pull: 14-inches
        • Sights: None, Remington 700 scope bases
        • Barrel: Cold-Hammer-Forged, Suppressor-Ready
        • Barrel Length: 24-inch
        • Trigger Mech: 4-Point Adjustable
        • Overall Length: 39.26-inches
        • Safety: 2-Position
        • MSRP: $1,199; CZ 600 RangeCZ 600 RANGE
        • CZ 600 Trail Specifications

          • Chambering: 223 REM, 7.62×39
          • Rate of Twist: 1:9, 1:9.5
          • Magazine Type: Detachable, AR-15, Bren 2 7.62×39
          • Magazine Capacity: 10-round
          • Stock: PDW, 4-position, adj
          • Length of Pull: 14-inches (extended)
          • Sights: None, Picatinny Rail
          • Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged, Suppressor-Ready
          • Barrel Length: 16-inches
          • Trigger Mech: 4-Point Adjustable
          • Overall Length: 39.26-inches
          • Safety: 2-Position
          • MSRP: $1,155; CZ 600 Trail


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