LEE ENFIELD No 1 MK3 cal .303

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lee enfield mk3 in stock

product overview

A brief magazine. Bolt-action, magazine-fed Lee Enfield (SMLE) Mk III rifle featuring long-range sights and a magazine cutoff.T. E. Lawrence, better known as “Lawrence of Arabia,” (1888–1935), carried this rifle during the First World War Arab Revolt against the Turks. His initials and the date “4.12.16” are inscribed on the stock. The Emir Faisal (1885–1933), subsequently the King of Iraq, who had received it from the Turks, gave it to him.

It was taken from the British in Gallipoli, according to the Turkish inscription inscribed in gold superimposed on top of it. The 1st Essex Regiment received the weapon at first, according to an inscription on the butt disc.The five notch cuts in the stock represent the deaths Lawrence caused with this weapon. Lawrence presented the gun to King George V.

British, Indian, and Dominion troops fought in campaigns against Germany’s ally Turkey during the First World War in Egypt, Palestine, and Mesopotamia in addition to the Gallipoli peninsula. Guerrilla warfare was employed to assault Turkish communications and supply channels at T E Lawrence’s instruction.

  • Physical properties

    Medium and techniques

    Wood, iron


    113 cm (Length) (length)

    Lee–Enfield — Wikipédia

    Caliber .303 BRITISH
    Finish BLUE
    Capacity 10 ROUNDS
    Action BOLT ACTION
    Frame Material NOT SPECIFIED
    Slide Material NOT SPECIFIED
    Barrel Length 25 1/4″ BARREL
    Receiver Material NOT SPECIFIED
    Receiver Finish NOT SPECIFIED

    Package Contents: LEE ENFIELD No 1 MK3 cal .303


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